A Brief Honda Sh125 Review

It seems likely that the amended 2009 hybrid will sell just as well in the UK as the Honda SH125 has sold throughout the rest of Europe. For overall convenience and ease of riding, it may be hard to beat the SH, as the typical Honda SH125 review will tell you. However, you may want to buy the real 125cc motorbike rather than the auto transmission model that uses more petrol, if your goal is to buy something economical.

Despite many UK bikers being wary of buying a bike with larger 16 inch wheels, the original SH125 sold more than almost all other models across Europe. However, those who were doubtful about the larger wheels soon realized that they provided more stability and generally a more comfortable ride than most scooters with their smaller wheels.

Most updates to the 2009 model have been made for the sake of appearances, including replacing the rear drum with a disc brake.


One feature of the original SH125 that has been significantly altered is the face, which led to criticisms and comments about the bike having a strange appearance. As well as an overall sleeker looking visage, elegant and more appealing lines have been added to the rear bodywork, giving it a more sophisticated and stylish look.

The SH125 was generally known for its smooth power pickup, and there have been relatively few changes to the bike’s frame, engine and transmission. It’s a great bike for handling U turns and weaving in and out of traffic. Overall, a good performance and you won’t notice much vibration when riding.

New Honda Bikes doesn’t provide very accurate or complete statistics for overall efficiency and emissions, so it’s easy to question their claim that the SH125 has good emissions numbers and is fuel efficient. It’s meaningless to claim that the bike’s fuel consumption is around 97 mpg when they don’t specify a speed or driving conditions.it’s probably more realistic to reckon that figure to be closer to 85mpg when driving fast on country roads and stop and start traffic in the city, as one online Honda SH125 review states. Visit Motoden today for a great selection of bikes and scooters including the dependable SH125.

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