All About Das Training Short for (direct Access Scheme)

Motorcycles are one of the most efficient modes of road transport. They are affordable and therefore easy to acquire and maintain, and their small size makes it easy for riders to maneuver through traffic jams. In addition to this, riding motorcycles is fun, which makes it a popular leisure activity among motorbike enthusiasts. To be a certified motorcycle rider, one is required to go through training programs, such as Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and DAS training short for (Direct Access Scheme), so as to acquire the required skills needed for motorbike riding and understand the traffic rules and regulations.


About DAS Training

Direct Access Scheme training is designed for people who want to get a full and unrestricted motorbike license. It is usually available to people who are above 24 years of age. However, exceptions are made to A2 motorcycle license holders who are on the progressive access route and have had their license for more than 2 years. Such candidates are only required to re-take their practical test on larger unrestricted motorcycles. Candidates who do not have an A2 license, must have gone through CBT and be able to confidently ride a motorbike.

The DAS test is done on motorcycles and scooters that have power output that is more than 40kw and have at least 595cc. It is always advisable to take the test on a manual motorbike rather than do it on an automatic one, since it enables one to ride both manual and automatic bikes. On passing the DAS test, riders are awarded an unrestricted motorbike license. This allows them to ride any scooter or motorbike of their choice, use motorways and carry pillion passengers.

Getting a Training School

DAS training is popular among many riders, including celebrities. It allows one to explore the full extent of motorcycle riding. There are many training schools that one can attend. Beginners who are interested in getting full unrestricted motorbike licenses can go through CBT training and DAS training by enrolling in the full motorcycle training London schools offer.

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