Bosch Platinum Spark Plug Review

The spark plug delivers electric currents from the ignition to the combustion chamber in form of an electric spark. This electric spark ignites the compressed air/ fuel mixture as the combustion pressure is contained within the engine. This means that the performance efficiency and reliability of your ignition system depends on the type of spark plug that is used. Being a well known manufacturer of vehicle engine parts for more than the last one century, Bosch spark plugs are some of the most popular in the market. Not only are they said to deliver powerful ignition technology, but they are versatile enough for use in various vehicle brands and models. The Bosch Platinum Plus 4 Spark Plug comes with a number of impressive features that makes it dependable and reliable over most other models. Some great spark plugs can be purchased on

This product makes use surface air gap ignition technology, which features a ground enhanced four yttrium electrode structure.  These provide maximum performance access to combustion chamber. The yttrium alloy serves to reduce oxidation and gap wear for reliable performance. It is designed for easy installation, without necessarily requiring adjustment or gapping throughout its use. There is a platinum heat fused central electrode for optimum performance of the engine, impressive acceleration and maximum fuel efficiency.

This Bosch spark plug has a number of advantages, including the fact that it is compatible with most car brands and models, especially the Toyota, BMW and Lexus. They are durable enough to last more than a while for optimal performance on your car engine and most importantly, they go at a highly affordable price as compared to most other variants in the market. On the downside however, this product comes as a single part as compared to others that come in a pack of several units. It may also not work well with some vehicle models such as ford and sport tac.

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