Direct Access Scheme Das Training for Short

Among the most efficient modes of travel is the humble two wheeled motorcycle. Additionally, they are affordable to acquire and maintain and are small enough to make it easy for riders to make their way through traffic even when it is backed up. Making them even more popular is the fact that motorcycles are fun and enthusiasts enjoy riding them as a leisurely activity.

To become certified as a motorbike rider, it is necessary to participating in a training program, like the one given by DAS Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) or the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). This training will give you the skills required to ride a motorbike and understanding of traffic rules and regulations.


About DAS Training

DAS Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) is for individuals who wish to receive their full and unrestricted motorbike license. This license if typically available to people 24 years old or older, but there are exceptions available to holders of an A2 motorcycle license if they have had their license for at least two years and are on the progressive access route. Candidates with these qualifications just need to re-take the practical test on a larger unrestricted motorcycle. Without the A2 license, it is then necessary to to enter CBT training to become more confident with riding a motorbike.

The DAS test is completed on scooters and motorcycles with over 40kw of power output and a minimum of 595cc. it is recommended that one take this test on a manual rather than an automatic motorbike since this will give them the ability to operate both an automatic as well as manual bike. An unrestricted motorbike license is awarded to riders who have passed the DAS test and that allows then to ride the motorbike or scooter of their own choosing, carry pillion passengers and utilize motorways.

Training School

Along with regular rides, even celebrities use DAS training. This provides them with the freedom to explore all avenues of motorbike riding. Numerous training schools are available that offer interested beginners access to getting their full and unrestricted motorbike license. Going through CBT training with London motorcycle training is the first stet to DAS training.

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