Looking at a Honda Sh125 Review

Throughout all of Europe, the Honda SH125 has enjoyed great sales and in the United Kingdom the amended 2009 hybrid also appears as if it might prove popular. If it is a model that is highly economical that you seek, rather than a model with an auto transmission that is so power consuming, you should seek out the proper 125cc motorbike with gears. However, the SH is truly very hard to beat for convenience and for easy riding.

Every other model in Europe was outsold by the original SH125 even though the large 16 inch wheels caused some apprehension with a lot of UK bikers. In truth, this caution was in fact misplaced. Compared to the smaller wheels on scooters that you see, improved stability and a superior ride quality are facilitated by the large wheels.

From the 2009 model, other amendments include at the rear a disc brake in place of a drum. It was for aesthetic reasons this amendment was made, as much as it was for any issues with the stopper that is now defunct. The underlying theme for many other updates is also appearance.

The original SH, in spite of it’s success, bore some criticism for the appearance many thought bizarre(especially the face), so there has been a significant revamping of it. There is a much sleeker visage with curves more discreet. At the rear, the bodywork has sweeping elegant lines that offer a touch of sophistication to the SH.

Unaltered are the engine, frame and transmission and that is just as well since the power pick up is truly very smooth. This helps to make U turns and traffic trickling simple. Performance is quite strong and vibration virtually eliminated as well.

Honda has made the claim that emission figures and efficiency are extremely good. It is however difficult to be convinced as the data supplied by them is vague. As an example, 97mpg is reported to be the fuel consumption but this statistic is meaningless as no conditions or speeds are in fact specified.

One online review of the Honda SH125 states that 85mpg is a possibility (with full speed on countryside roads and stop/starting riding in towns), so this figure is more believable. Ultimately, with the dependability and quality of the Honda build, compared with the majority of scooters the SH is in fact far superior. For the latest motorbikes and scooters and the latest Honda SH125 review, visit Motoden today!

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