Reviewing the Honda Ps125

Honda is a name to reckon with in the global motorcycle and car industry. And the Japanese company’s scooters are no slouch too. This means most Honda buyers are extremely sure that the company would not release a new model until it’s confident about offering something new and exciting to the market. That said, you would not come across a Honda PS125 review that doesn’t mention (at least once) how comfortable the scooter is at large, thanks to the large seat that facilitates a more upright and commanding riding position. Such a riding posture comes in quite handy while riding in traffic. The scooter is easily mountable too, and is equipped with excellent suspension. The other positives about the scooter are its build quality, dependability and overall comfort.


PS means Perfect Scooter and the scooter has four-stroke, liquid-cooled fuel injection. The 125cc engine can hit the 65mph mark, with the ideal riding speeds being 50mph. Off the line, the scooter is quite snappy and powerful and the handling is good too. The PS benefits from 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1 max torque and 11-1 comp ratio. The seat is not just well-spaced out, but offers generous storage space too. Most people would be able to fit their gloves, helmet and a few tools under the seat. Not to mention, the scooter’s extremely impressive average of around 100mph per gas tank.

Like often, Honda has a winner on its hands here. The bike looks attractive and sleek, and has got a premium look going as well. It’s much lighter than other bikes in its category, and its handling in traffic is quite exceptional too. A lot of riders have expressed their pleasant surprise at the bike’s affordable price tag. This makes the bike ideal for a buyer who is looking for more than a decent scooter but has certain budget constraints. The linked brakes come in as a welcome addition as well for people who usually can’t do smooth and seamless braking. If you’re interested in this bike and would like to learn more about it, head to for more details and images.

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