Routine Dpf Regeneration Service for Better Diesel Truck

The air filter can be considered as something quite important in many vehicles. That is because the dirty air filter can result in the rising temperature of the engine. If the temperature of the engine easily rises up, you can be sure that the overheat can gives you a lot of problems and that is something that you will never want t happen to your vehicle, especially the truck. Truck can be considered as one vehicle that rely a lot of its performances on the diesel particulate filter. That is because the filter function is totally important for the truck. Because of that reason, the DPF regeneration is something quite important in a truck. That is because when the filter of a truck is dirty, the performance of the truck will go down to something that you will never want to know. Because of that reason, regular cleaning on the DPF is something necessary for you to do on your truck.

Basically, the regular cleaning of the DPF is not something quite bothering to do. It is just like bringing your truck to a mechanic or something. Your truck needs a proper and routine maintenance and that one includes the cleanliness of the DPF. Therefore, you need to be sure that the filter is cleaned properly on every maintenance that you do to your truck. As an addition to that, getting the cleaned filter is something that will give you a lot of benefits. One of them is the increasing performance of the truck. Another one is the more efficiency for the burn of the diesel fuel. That is because the cleaner air filter will help the air to circulate the engine better so that your engine will not be heated that easily. As the result, the fuel burning is getting better so that you can be sure that the fuel consumption is getting more and more efficient. That is surely something that you do not want to miss from cleaning up the DPF of your diesel truck.

For your information, cleaning up the DPF can be considered as a two-staged process. That is because there are two different types of cleaning that you can do. The first one is the standard cleaning. On the standard cleaning, the regeneration can be considered as something simple. This is something that will surely be done on the average maintenance. As an addition to that, this kind of regeneration usually does not take a long time. This kind of process will be finished in few hours. The next stage can be considered as the thorough cleaning or regeneration. This one is the advanced cleaning process that required the oxidation process of the DPF for some hours. Most of the time, the DPF will be baked and oxidized for about 12 hours. This thing is meant to get rid of all of the spots and the ashes that might be stuck on the DPF of your diesel. This regeneration process usually takes around a day to finish, but the result is something that you can rely on.

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