The Honda Cbf125 Review

When looking for a bargain basement substitute for New Honda Bikes CG125 look no further than the Honda CBF125. This offers your reliable transportation and a touch of class, which is why so many bikers have snapped it up since its introduction in January. In fact, many dealers have complained that can’t source the model fast enough. This really isn’t all that surprising though.

The Honda CBF125 Engine

The Honda CBF125 comes with a fuel injected, 124.7cc, 4-speed single engine that’s designed to deliver fuel efficiency, not excitement. Its top speed is 65mph so while you can drive it on the highway, you probably don’t want to do this regularly. In comparison to its nearest competitor, the Yamaha YBR125, the Honda CBF125 offers an additional bhp coming in at 11bhp instead of 10bhp. Truthfully, nothing separates these two scooters when it comes to their performance.

Handling and Riding the Honda CBF125

The Honda CBF125 has single disc front and drum rear brakes, both of which handle reasonably well. For short rides, this scooter is as comfortable as any motorcycle. However, on longer rides, especially on the highway, your rear end hurts because of the inexpensive twin rear shocks. While driving this scooter around town you’ll get a rocking horse sensation when switching between accelerating and braking for start and stop traffic.

Honda CBF125

The Honda CBF125’s Dependability and Quality

Obviously, you can’t expect perfection and a low price too. For this reason, is shouldn’t surprise you that the exhaust finish doesn’t look like it will last long. However, this is disappointing. In fact, some customers have criticized the workmanship on the matt black finish and said that the plastic is weak and has fragile grommets.

The Honda CBF125’s Equipment

Instead of having a rev counter, the numbers around the speedometer dial tell you what gear you’re in. As for the fuel gauge, when you start off with a full tank once the gauge displays half you’ll have about a third of a tank remaining.

Verdict Regarding the Honda CBF125 Review

This is an aesthetically pleasing scooter, manufactured by a reputable brand. It’s less expensive than taking the bus and some customers even say it’s fun to drive. At this price, it might be the only transportation you’ll ever need.

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